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Important Notice-Garbage/Recycling
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Recycling is required by Orange County Code. To reduce the amount of garbage in the recycling stream, the Orange County Utilities Solid Waste Division encourages residents to "Think 5" by focusing on the top five recyclable items—plastic, metal, and glass containers, as well as cardboard and paper. The overall goal is to help raise awareness about good recycling habits.

Place only these recyclable items in the roll cart with the blue lid:

Bottles and containers labeled #1 - #5

Tin, aluminum, steel, and empty aerosol cans

Bottles and jars

Flattened corrugated boxes

Newspapers and advertisements 
Paper bags 
Junk mail 
Magazines and catalogs 
Office/note paper 
Phone books 
Cereal/shoe/drink boxes 
Milk/juice cartons

The recycling program can only recycle the material listed above and no other material should go into the recycling cart. Below is a list of materials that are particularly troublesome and should not be placed in the recycling cart:

§  No hazardous materials

§  No delivery pizza boxes

§  No food waste

§  No dishes, paper plates, pots, or pans

§  No tires

§  No batteries

§  No clothes/textiles

§  No carpet

§  No plants or yard waste such as bagged or loose grass, leaves, or small branches

§  No plastic bags

§  No electronics

§  No hoses

§  No toys or laundry baskets

§  No juice pouches

§  No shredded paper

§  No polystyrene/styrofoam

§  No gift wrap, ribbons, or bows

§  No liquids

§  No hangers (plastic or wire)


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